Friday, November 6, 2015

OSU 4 miler Finish on the 50!

Two words...KICKED ASS!

Sit back, this could be long.

Saturday before the race we were up early, ran around all day.  My parents, aunt and cousin were all in town.  I didn't feel like I had eaten well nor had I hydrated well.  I also had a glass of wine!  Say What!

I didn't get to bed early, as a matter of fact, I went to bed very late for me.

I hardly had anything pulled together for this race.  I wasn't sure what I was wearing.

I was just a mess.

The alarm went off Sunday morning, I got up and ate some breakfast and had a coffee.

I went back upstairs to figure out what to wear.  Long sleeves?  short sleeves?  gloves?  I knew I would wear shorts.

I ended up in shorts, long sleeved shirt and gloves.

We got ourselves together and headed down to the race.  We like to get there early to park in a close lot.  We sat in the car for a little bit.  I tried to get my mind in the game. 

We got out and walked around a little bit and then met up with my aunt and Sarah.  I never did see Megan. 

Finally it was time to start my corral was B, but I know darn well, I didn't take off with B. 

One of the few things I dislike about this race as it draws all OSU fans which is great.  But you also then get people who don't know race etiquette and line up where ever they want.  IT makes the start and really the first mile a bit challenging.

We finally went off and I was running and just trying to keep breathing in check and listen to my legs.  I felt really good.  I decided to just run and then take a walk break as needed. 

Mile 1 - 9.35

Mile 2 we headed over to the medical campus.  The roads felt great, I still felt walk break.

Mile 2 - 9.21

Mile 3 took us through the oval. It was so nice to be on campus again.  It is such fun, even though there wasn't a game and it was a Sunday morning it was just nice to be outside and enjoying O-H-I-O.

Mile 3 - 9.39

Mile 3 was over to the engineering science building and over to Lane.  Oh how I love campus.  It has changed so much and yet is still amazingly beautiful.  We began to head to the stadium.  My legs felt good still, I didn't walk one step at this point.  My brain wanted to walk.  I had to talk the negativity step in front of the other...keep moving!

We turned to run into the tunnel where the players come through when they come out on the field.  What a rush!  It is so incredibly cool.  I love the cushioning on the ground.  It does need a tiny bit of ventilation, it smelled like a locker room.  After the tunnel we ended up on the

Mile 4 - 9.26.

Oh my, I felt so great.  My goal was to beat my time from last year.  I was hoping for low 39s.

I finished in 38:07. I took a full minute off my time a minute and 3 seconds to be exact!!!

Always a great race.  I look forward to next year!

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