Monday, June 30, 2014

Things I learned from my 5k a day challenge

While in theory a 5k should be 30 minute of exercise a day...easy.  Well....I believed in rest days prior and now I REALLY believe in them. Your body needs rest in order to push.

Compression sleeves/socks ROCK - I have worn them after running to help aid recovery.  At the beginning of the month I didn't wear them and my legs were feeling sluggish and after wearing them, they feel so much better.

Hydration...hydration...hydration.  Enough said.

Running in the early am is so much easier/ better than running later in the day.

Running everyday, means lots of extra laundry!  (and smelly laundry, too)

Running everyday provided me a stress relief.  I enjoyed it.  That said I am really looking forward to taking tomorrow off and then really getting into training for my half marathon the end of August. 

My last run this am...I just ran for fun, I didn't look at my time.  I ran fast without pushing too much.  I was actually pleased with my time.  I felt like I could have run further...but I didn't! :)

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