Thursday, June 19, 2014

Past half way

My challenge for June is to run a 5k everyday.  Thus far, I have completed that task.  Some days, I have run more, not less. 

As of last Saturday, I was at 49.8 miles. 

I cannot wait until July 1st.  I WILL be taking a much needed DOR.

I have been having issues with my right hip.  I swear sometimes I wonder about myself. I realized that my shoes are way over 300 miles.  Going to try my new shoes (that have been sitting in my room for a month or longer) today.  I am hopeful that will help my hip.

My legs feel fine, surprisingly. 

So far I have only bee on the treadmill once.  It was 94 with high humidity.  I didn't think that was smart for me or for Lillie. 

This weekend - Friday 5k
Saturday 8 miles
Sunday 5k

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