Wednesday, February 26, 2014

what we've been up to...

So, no joke it is cold.  Lill hasn't left the house in well, over a week (like 10 days)  she is cutting her 12th tooth - a molar.  WHEW!  these last 2 teeth have been crazy painful for her (and me) she has run a very slight temp off and on for a few days.  I feel so bad for her. 

Her sleep is off too, not really at night but naps are a little wonky.  She did wake up at 5am today.  No fun for anyone.  Her 9 am nap is getting pushed back to 9:30 and then the 1-3 nap gets pushed back too.  Which is no good for me when I am trying to work.  UGH.  I'll figure it out.

Running...still running training for a half the beginning of April...running at 5am a couple days a week, then long runs on the weekend.  I'll get it done.  Won't be my 2 hour, but I will get there.

Most fun of all is we are in full birthday party mode...Sesame Street is our theme...Can't wait for the party!!  Fun, fun, fun!

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