Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Presenting Lillian Rose's Bedroom and the story of her name

 I wanted Lillian's room to be quiet and calming.  The walls are painted a medium grey with pink accents and a ballet theme.  We still have a couple things to get - a glider for one!  First picture is looking in from the bedroom door.
 Second picture is her dresser
 This is one of the lamps we got.  I added Ballet shoe ribbon around it.  (We need to get another light for the room.  It is fairly dark in the evening)
 Her changing table with bow holder above.
 The Tutu valance I made!
 Her crib with her name above.
 Half her closet
The other half of her closet and her tutu picture.

We chose her name pretty easily.  We wanted a name that was traditional, not trendy at all.  I wanted a family name.  We came up with LILLIAN ROSE.  Lillian was my maternal grandmother's (Momo) name as well as a great aunt.  Rose was my paternal grandmother's name - the one who died 4 years ago.  Rose was also HER aunt's name.  I think it is very pretty and will work for a little girl as well as an adult.  So far her nickname will be Lillie; however, Jeff and I both keep calling her Lills. 


  1. Beautiful name and I love the nursery.

  2. Love it!! The tutu valance is just too cute - it turned out amazing!!

    Hugs, Ashley

  3. Lillian's room is lovely! I think you achieved exactly what you were looking for. Those little touches are beautiful.

    The name you have chosen is so pretty. I like how you chose her name.