Monday, March 4, 2013

Full-term 37 weeks.

I can't believe I am full term. I can't wait to meet the little girl who was so wanted and is already so loved. She is obviously a fighter after all she survived through during the first trimester. I think she is going to be a red head - with a stubborn streak!

We are basically ready. We still don't have a chair in her room or a baby monitor but really she will be sleeping in our room for awhile, so I don't think those items are really necessary right now.

I will take pictures tomorrow of her room. It is just what I thought it should be. Grey and pink and very girly.

Looking forward to Thursday for another appointment. I believe we will schedule an induction as a 'just in case' then too.


  1. Yeah - full term!!! Can't believe they will both be here before we know it!!

    Hugs, Ashley

  2. Want to see pictures now!!!!! So excited :-)