Sunday, July 8, 2012


so for those not 'hip' on the assisted reproduction lingo, that mean six days past IUI.  I started taking my progesterone on Wednesday.  I don't think I am feeling anything except side effects of the progesterone, which mimic pregnancy.  Who knows, I can't allow myself to read into anything.  I go on Friday for my labwork.  I have contemplated buying HPT, but really what is the point.  I have one test that I will probably take before getting my labwork, so I can prepare myself!

In other news...we are closing in on our house.  I go down next weekend to paint...then Jeff works the following weekend...then my family reunion...then move!  Whoohoooo!  We are closing in on our closing date of July 31st!

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  1. Praying for you along your journey. We will be doing IUI next month, our first cycle, so I'm taking notes along the way as I read your blog :)