Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Update, Of Sorts

It is the end of September.  WOW!  How did it go by so fast?

I am on target to meet my 20 workouts for September.  It has really helped that I am meeting Karen and Yvonne in the wee hours of the morning to walk/run.

Last weekend was Amanda's shower.  It was hard, but I made it through with no tears.  You never know when they are going to come.

I found out last week that my running partner is pregnant.  While I am so happy for her, I am sad for me for two reasons...I lost my running partner AND I am not pregnant yet.

I have a doctor appointment on Friday, just to get a game plan.  I am not a patient person...I need a plan and I want to work the plan.  (just like training)

I am planning to do the Peace Race (10k) the end of October because, well, that is what I do.  I have done this race since at least 2005, maybe even 2004.  I like my track record!  

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