Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emerald City Half Marathon - August 24 My 14th Half Marathon

So Saturday prior to the race, I didn't do a whole lot.  I clean the kitchen upper cabinets. We drive the race course and I made dinner.

I was certainly freaked out about the humidity.  I began drinking water about 7:30 and continued throughout the day.  I stopped counting when I had reached 125 ounces.  Naturally, I was peeing the entire day.

For dinner, I made Pasta alla Ladd.  A recipe from Pioneer woman.  I used half beef and half turkey.  Delicious.

I went to bed about 8:30-9-ish.  My alarm went off at 4:30 and I hopped out of bed.

I went downstairs and made a cup of coffee, a glass of water and a plain bagel with crunchy almond butter and honey. After eating I put together a cooler for after the race. 

I got dressed.  I wore: bondi band, SVTC Headsweats visor, ROAD ID, underarmour tank, moving comfort MAIA bra, running skirt, Compression sleeves, balega socks and Mizuno Wave Creation Shoes. Naturally, I wore my Garmin, too.  I wore my spibelt and against my better judgement I wore my fuel belt rather than my hand held.  Not a good move, since I hate the fuel belt.

I finished getting ready and drove over to Steph's house.  We made our way to the race.  Parked the car and unloaded.

Made it to the start and hit the potties...yuck.  The went to our corral to begin.

The gun went off and we slowly walked to the start line.  ANNNNNDDDDD then we began.  Starting out was pretty crowded, but I stuck like glue to the pacer for 2:20  I didn't immediately start my intervals...because i had issues with the fuel belt, bottles flying everywhere...accckkkkk.  I stuck 2 in my bra and was able to wear the other two.  FAIL!I felt like I was floating for miles

At mile 4, I had calmed down and started my 2 minute run to 30 sec run...I felt like I was floating for miles4-10...felt great.  I did a half a chocolate waffle at miles 3,6,9 and I should have done one at mile 12...mistake. 

Until mile 12, I was under 11 minute miles.  I should have fueled.  Damn. 

So here are my splits:
Mile 1  10.54
Mile 2  10.47
Mile 3  10.35
Mile 4 10.48
Mile 5 10.28
Mile 6 10.25
Mile 7 10.27
Mile 8 10.18
Mile 9 10.53
Mile 10 10.51
Mile 11 10.51
Mile 12 11.42
Mile 13 12.01
Mile 14 10.13

The entire race, my Garmin was off from the official mile markers.  So I finished the race at 13.30.

All in all, I thought this race was great.  One of my fav's even with the the heat/humidity.  With a race the end of August, what do you expect?  M3Sports does a great job. They are very well organized.  The volunteers were organized and I had a blast.  I can't wait to do it again!

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