Friday, April 8, 2011

Officially Trying

I have been taking my basal temp for a few weeks now.  Based on this freaking charting, I should be ovulating anytime now.  So, we will be gettin busy if you know what I mean!

I scheduled a prenatal appointment with my ob/gyn.  I thought with being on the pill for, ahem, close to 20 years, It might be a good idea.  Even though I have been off the pill, for a couple of weeks.  I am also a wee bit concerned with the whole chicken pox idea. You see, I have never had them.  I received the varicella vaccine and when we tested my titres it showed I had less than the normal immunity.  Interesting, no?

I also got new running shoes that I plan to break in, hopefully this afternoon and then each day this weekend.  I am still planning to do the half marathon in WV the end of May.  I am also hopeful that I will be able to do the half in Akron the end of September.  (my plan, is to run as long as possible when when pregnant)  If pregnant while doing these races, the baby's room would have a few race medals!

So, that is my update!

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